Duke is a Pit mix (55 lbs., neutered male, about 4 years old) in Austin, TX, who needs a new home. I will drive him to any location in Texas and perhaps beyond. He's a good dog with no major behavioral problems, and does well with other dogs of all sizes. He'd be great as a solo companion dog or as a member of a pack.

I will have to leave him at a city shelter if I can't place him before March 1st…

Can you help me find him a good home?

Meet Duke: I helped my late aunt pick out a companion dog… we looked at dozens and dozens of shelter and foster dogs and this is the dude that won her heart. She passed away recently and I took him in to re-home him because of that bond and to respect my aunt's memory. Thing is, I was not and am not in a position to foster him for very long.

He's a well-adjusted dog with no major behavioral problems and zero aggression towards humans (he will make you feel safe and protected, though). He'd be good as a solo companion animal or as part of a pack. As you can see in the photos below he gets along great with both my Boxer and my niece's Pomeranian. He's got a few minor and common quirks, but nothing a dog-lover would be surprised by and nothing to make him hard to place. I'll disclose all that to you but there's nothing serious enough to disqualify him from any potential home.

Here's the kicker: We've just finished a grueling three-month treatment regimen for heart worms. He needs to have restricted activity in the coming weeks but should be completely free of them. My aunt left me a small inheritance, which hints at the cost of a complete treatment and the fact that so many dogs remain untreated. This guy seemingly has enough good karma to be among the lucky ones. So far. I absolutely cannot continue to keep him beyond the end of the month. He will go to city shelter if I can't find any better option. Austin is a no-kill city, but want to do what I can to avoid that option. I'm looking for rescue organizations but most have their hands too full to accept new dogs.

Thanks for reading. Please contact me at mark@secretdonkey.com or tweet me @secretdonkey if you might be able to help in any way.

Duke and Mark

Contact me here: mark@secretdonkey.com

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Healthy, positive play with a familiar dog