Cozumel Tidepools


I had a couple of hours to burn when the cruise ship docked in Cozumel. I wanted to keep myself away from the tourist traps and find something interesting to photograph. Walking along the road that runs along the waterfront, I spotted an area where I could climb down to the rocky shore. It was too rugged for a tourist beach, so it was just me, my camera gear, slippery jagged rock and  some small but crashing waves bringing in the tide.

multi-colored striped shells

The camera couldn't tolerate a dip in the salty water so each step was a measured calculation. I didn't want to tempt fate by showing the slightest disrespect for the rocks and waves, nor did I want to show the slightest disrespect for the creatures I was trying to photograph.

If this were more than a casual vacation diversion I might have taken more risk getting the camera close to some of these strange critters, and might have tried to flush some out of their tidepool hideouts. I figured it might be bad karma to goad these guys for my own photographic amusement, so I just stuck with what I could capture as they retreated to their comfortable little lairs. 

I don't know what most of these critters are, but I know I don't see them on the Texas gulf coast. I'm happy to be able to have shared their environment, got to see them as they're meant to be, and especially glad I got a few pictures in without dropping, banging or letting the camera go for a swim.